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We Overseas Industrial Technical Institute are engaged in offering Training To Plant view 3D Models, PLC, SCADA, DCS System, Instrument Engineer, Supervisor, QA/QC Inspector, Foreman, Technician & Electrician Etc. we have years of experience and knowledge that enable us to offer Training Services to our clients. Our consultants are continuously trained and they concentrate on analyzing our clients’ requirements and preferences. A lot of stress is given to the ongoing training and development of our consultants and it is ensured that each of our consultant’s performance is evaluated. We employ an effective strategy that comprises evaluation of a combination of organizational initiatives and individual goals. Employees are encouraged to identify training programs that increase their value in ever changing marketplace

For the all above courses we will go through the system wise from construction to commissioning and start-up, activities are mentioned as below.
Cable pulling of Instruments & Electrical Telecommunication and Fire and Gas as per cross section & cable schedule from control room to the field Junction Boxes and Local Panels. 
Cable tray Installation as per cable tray layout drawing
Installation of all kinds of Instruments & Junction Boxes as per layout drawing
Cable termination of DCS, ESD Marshaling Cabinet, all kinds of instruments/ Field bus instruments, all kinds of valves,all kind of Fire and Gas devices and telecommunication as per interconnection diagrams
Pre-commissioning and commissioning & star-up.



Instrument Engineer, Supervisor and Foreman Training

With vast industry experience, we are engaged in offering Training service for Instrument Engineering, supervisor and foreman The areas we cover in these service are study of P&ID, instrument index, instrument specification, loop wiring diagrams, panel diagrams ,drawing , plot plan, instrument specification, check list preparations, impulse line testing, bill of materials & hook up drawing.


Our Training Module Includes:

  • Introduction to SHE while working in industrial safety awareness
  • Introduction to operation, programming & trouble shooting of DCS, SCADA & PLC
  • Introduction & calibration of various types of field instruments, selection are their preventive maintenance, breakdown maintenance
  • Introduction to various types of panel instrument calibration, termination, loop checking, commissioning procedure & online trouble shooting, online PID values function
  • Industrial visit & online training
  • Training on project report preparation, project detail engineering & execution
  • Instrumentation & control engineering (onshore & offshore)
  • General engineering instrumentation & control
  • Fundamentals of instrumentation,measurement & process control engineering
  • General instrumentation standards & best practice in process, electrical & instrumentation Drawing & Documentation
  • Process instrumentation
  • Calibration, installation & maintenance of instruments
  • Process control basics & control valves sizing, selection & maintenance (incl.Pressure Relief Valves).
  • Programmable logic controller
  • SCADA Systems & Distributed Control Systems
  • Industrial Data Communications (including field bus & Industrial Ethernet)
  • Safety instrumentation & Emergency Shutdown Systems
  • Understand the concept of an instrumentation system to support accurate measurements
  • Understand the concepts accuracy & precision
  • Build, program, calibrate & use a microprocessor-based instrumentation system
  • Be able to analyze & design an instrumentation system, dealing with the concepts of dynamic range, signal noise
  • Ratio & error budget
  • Control noise, intrinsic or external (interference)
  • Read an operational amplifier spec sheet & use the specification to construct an error budget for a high-gain amplifier
  • Understand the operation of various instrumentation transducers
  • Select & apply A/D conversion techniques such as successive-approximation, dual slope conversion, voltage frequency conversion
  • Understand on a theoretical level carrier signal & signal averaging methods for extracting a signal from noise
  • Study of primary and secondary cable schedule and cross section drawing
  • Study of cable drum schedule
  • Study of cable trench layout drawing of instruments, electrical, fire and gas and telecommunication
  • Study of cable pulling of all kinds of electrical cables, all kinds of instrument cables, all kinds of fire and gas cables, all kinds of fiber optic cables and telecommunication cables.
  • Study of instrument and junction boxes location layout drawing
  • Study of fire and gas instrument location layout drawing
  • Study of telecommunication & CCTV location layout drawing
  • Study of electrical equipment location layout drawing
  • Study of lighting location layout drawing
  • Study of cable block diagram of instruments and fire & gas
  • Study of cable interconnection diagram of ESD/DCS Marshalling cabinets, Junction Boxes, instruments, valves, fire and gas instruments, etc
  • Study of piping and instrument drawing (P&ID)
  • Study of Instrument Loop diagram (ILD)
  • Study of cause effect diagram
  • Study of field bus segments instruments
  • Study of logic diagram
  • Study of plant view 3D Models



Quility and Control (QC) InspectorTraining

We are a leading service provider for Quility and Control (QC) Inspecto Training.
With vast industry experience, we are engaged in offering Training service for Quality and Control (QC) Inspector, The areas we cover in these service are study of Site surveillance report, Non confirmation reports (NCR) primary inspection, final inspection, Raising Request for inspection (RFI), Raising Mechanical Completion Documents (MCD), Raising Ready for Commissioning (RFC) Punch created by category A,B,C, Punch clearance by category A,B,C,



Instrument Technician Training

We are a leading service provider for the Instrument Technician Training.
We provide Training in Instrument Technicians.
Following are the course content designed for process instrument technicians.

  • Introduction to Principles of Measurement of Level, Pressure, Flow and Temperature
  • Calibration and testing of Pneumatic and Electronic Process Instruments like Transmitters, Gauges, RTD, Thermocouples, I/P convertors, Control Valves, ON-OFF Valves, Shutdown Valves switches, flow meters etc
  • Installation of Various Process Instruments
  • Introduction to Impulse tube fittings and tubing
  • Introduction to Principles of Controller Modes
  • Principles of Feedback, Cascade, and Ratio Controllers
  • Introduction of various types of Control Valves and their bodies part
  • Selection, servicing and installation of control valves and accessories
  • Introduction to Process Loop Wiring Diagrams, Piping and Instrument Drawings (P&IDs)
  • Introduction to HART CommunicatorConfiguration of various types of Process Instruments using HART Communicator
  • Introduction to PLC and DCS
  • Fault Finding and Trouble Shooting
  • Maintenance, Breakdown Maintenance, Preparation of Calibration set up, Online testing Procedure, Trouble shooting of control panels & functions, Procedure of ISO calibration methods, Overhauling of all type of instruments
  • Introduction to Various Types of Panel Instrument Calibration, Termination, loop checking, Commissioning procedure & online trouble shooting, Online PID values function
  • Industrial visit & online training
  • Training project report preparation
  • Project detail engineering and Execution
  • Principles of measurement of level, pressure, flow, and temperature
  • Calibration of pneumatic recorders, transmitters, pressure gauges and flow meters
  • Installation of thermocouples and RTDs for temperature measurement
  • Fabrication and installation of tubing and fittings
  • Application of laws of basic electrical theory
  • Analysis of series and parallel circuits
  • Measurement of AC and DC circuit parameters, resistance and inductance
  • Instrument Control
  • Principles of controller modes
  • Principles of feedback, cascade, and ratio control
  • Calibration of pneumatic and electronic controllers
  • Applications of various control valve bodies
  • Selection of control valve flow characteristics
  • Selection, servicing and installation of control valves and accessories
  • Discussion of control valve problems, flashing, cavitation, noise
  • Methods to eliminate or minimize control valve problems
  • Study of control strategies including feed forward control, selective, override and multivariable control
  • Controller tuning using simulation software to implement various tuning methods
  • Alignment, calibration and circuit analysis of electronic analog controllers
  • Principles of digital controllers, smart transmitters and smart control valves
  • Construction of electrical process loop wiring diagrams and piping and instrument drawings (P&IDs)
  • Per ISA (Instrumentation Systems Automation) standards
  • Configuring of capacitance, thermal and resistive level transmitters
  • Configuring of density transmitters
  • Configuring of temperature transmitters
  • Configuring a HART (Highway Addressable Transducer) Vortex flow meter
  • Configure a mass flow meter
  • Configuring of magnetic flow transmitters
  • Configuring of ultrasonic & flow transmitters



PLC & DCS Systems Training

We are a leading service provider for the PLC & DCS Systems Training.
This Training Course introduces trainees with little or no background to PLC, SCADA & DCS Systems. Trainee will learn general & theoretical information about these systems. This course covers the how’s & why of PLC, SCADA & DCS Systems that the reference materials & vendor sponsored courses usually do not cover. This training course is also designed to provide a solid conceptual knowledge base for future learning. Programmable Logic Controllers is a heart of modern automation systems. The application ranges from small CNC machines to large process plants.
PLC Training Course Contents

  • Introduction to PLC hardware
  • Architectural Evolution of PLC
  • Introduction to the field devices attached to PLC
  • PLC Fundamentals-(Block Diagram of PLC’s)
  • Role of PLC in automation
  • Detail information about PLC components
  • Power supply
  • CPU
  • I/O modules
  • Communication bus
  • Various ranges available in PLCs
  • Types of input & outputs
  • Source Sink Concept in PLC
  • Concept of flags
  • Scan cycle execution
  • Introduction to PLC programming software
  • Addressing concepts
  • Introduction to bit, byte & word concept
  • Upload, download, monitoring of programs
  • Forcing I/P & O/P
  • Monitoring/Modifying data table values
  • Standard procedure to be followed in wiring/wiring ladder etc
  • Hands on experience on writing programs
  • Case studies for conveyor, motors control, timer & counter applications etc
  • Troubleshooting & fault diagnostics of PLC
  • Documenting the project
  • Program assignments for real time applications

DCS Training Course Content:

  • Introduction of DCS
  • Overview for DCS
  • Control panel DPU (Distributed Processor Unit)
  • DPU hardware & power supply
  • I/O cards in DPU panel
  • Data highway controller
  • Control loops & digital logic
  • Operator/Engineer station overview
  • Alarm list & history
  • Download from engineer station to DPU & operator station
  • Inspection & maintenance for distributed control system (DCS)
  • Troubleshooting of the control system
  • Introduction to control system
  • Application of DCS System
  • Architectural evolution for DCS
  • Comparison between the hardware PLC & DCS



Instrument Electrician Training

We are a leading service provider for the Instrument Electrician Training.
Instrument Electrician Training
With the continuous support of our personnel, we are able to offer Training Services for Instrument Electricians. Our training services include study of basic electrical theory, cable installation testing, cable laying & dressing, cable glanding, termination of end cable leads to field instruments and junction boxes & control panels.

Our services include:

  • Industrial safety awareness
  • Introduction and use of tools
  • Introduction to instrument consumable like cable glands, lugs and cable ties
  • Introduction to process instruments and their applications
  • Introduction to various types of field instrument, panel instrument & accessories, termination, continuity testing, loop checking and commissioning assistance



Idustrial Safety officer Training

With vast industry experience, we are engaged in offering Training service for ,Safety officer, The areas we cover in these service are study of SHE induction, Work at Height, Permit to work (PTW), Cofined Space and Power Tools,
Our Training Module Includes:

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Method Statements (MS)
  • Task Risk Assessments (TRA)
  • Driving Safety
  • Stop Work
  • Resources & Proactive Approach (RPA)
  • Inspection, Audits & HSE Walkthroughs
  • Front End Loading
  • Empowerment of HSE Staff
  • Communication & Management of Change